Yeast Ingredient Market

Global Industry Analysis (2017 – 2020) – Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2021 – 2025)


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High on Nutrition and Less in Calorie Food Products Cause Swell in Yeast Ingredient Sales

The global yeast ingredient market has been gaining momentum with the growing number of bakeries and confectionaries in urban landscapes. A clear shift in breakfast habits and a keen interest in baking amongst a younger demographic have propelled the demand for yeast ingredients in recent years.

The demand for yeast, as is it is a natural ingredient, has been a raging one in the food processing industry. It lends taste and flavour and adds nutritional value. Because of high supplement content, yeasts are utilized as taste promoters for a wide range of food items, from canned food to bakery products.

The uproar against the use of artificial, addictive flavouring agents such as monosodium glutamate (MSG) has prompted the use of yeast ingredients in recent years. The constant effort to bring in food products that have a high nutritional value has given the global yeast ingredient market a boost.

Moreover, increasing awareness about consumption of products containing low-calorie content has propelled the functional food category. Analysts predict this trend will especially create a lucrative opportunity for the yeast ingredient market across the globe.

Quick, Nutritious Meals Generate Momentum for Yeast Ingredient Segment 

The yeast extract segment is held a leading value share in the global market as of 2019. This share was attributable to the high nutritional value and sodium content reaction it adds to the final product. The demand for yeast extract is also because it radically enhances the taste and flavour of the food item. As consumption of soups, processed food items, and savoury mixes rises, the demand for yeast extract will gain momentum. Analysts anticipate that demand for processed food items will be led by busy lifestyles and availability of convenient food items that reduce the time taken to prepare elaborate meals. The demand for yeast extract is also due to the fact that is rich in amino acids, nucleotides, vitamins and minerals, giving products excellent nutritional value. Thus, yeast extract segment will show a good demand as the world moves towards quick but nutritious meals.

Baking Cultures across Europe and Asia Pacific to Propel Demand for Yeast Ingredient

The high dependence on bakery and confectionery for business and for staple diets, Europe has been leading the yeast ingredient market. The growing number of home bakers and mushrooming bakeries that are more artisanal in nature are expected to play a pivotal role in fueling the European yeast ingredient market.

Meanwhile, Asia Pacific is also expected to witness a significant growth as India and China are witnessing a rise in baking culture. In addition, China is one of the largest producers of yeast ingredient in the region. Rising demand for conventional and processed food items especially in developing nation is boosting the market growth. Moreover, increasing application of yeast ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry as a thickening agent is further expected to support yeast ingredient market growth during the forecast period.

Expansion to Remain Main Theme for Key Players

Expansion of production capacity coupled with the introduction of new products offerings is some of the major trends pertaining to the market. For instance, in April 2020, Angel Yeast Extract R&D lab launched a range of flavour-enhancing products and solutions for the consumers seeking for both nutrition and enhanced flavours. This new product was launched as Functional YE KA327 and KA329.

According to the company, it helps to improve the taste profile in sweet products. It contains non-volatile functional substances such as protein, carbohydrate, polypeptides, reducing sugars, vitamins, etc., which determines the characteristic aroma and taste of yeast extract.

In 2019, Biospringer launched yeast-based fermentation ingredient under the brand name of Springer Mask 101. According to the company, it is vegan friendly and capable of neutralizing tastes caused by sweeteners such as bitterness, metallic off-notes and the lingering effects of plant proteins. It was launched in order to target manufacturers offering beverages, dairy products and plant-based alternatives.

The final study also includes market analysis related to various players. Some of the major players considered in the report includes Kerry Group Plc, Angel Yeast Extract, Royal DSM N.V., Cargill, Incorporated; Synergy, Ltd., Lesaffre Group; Archer Daniels Midland Company. Lallemand, Inc., Alltech, Inc., Wyeast Laboratories, Inc., Sensient Technologies Corporation, Danisco A/S, Dohler Group, and Associated British Food Plc.

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