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In the past decade, the global transportation industry has grappled with explosion of travellers, trade and traffic. It has responded quickly to keep the world connected with seamless channels, exceptional speed and prioritised safety. It has adapted to simplify the complex nature of logistics that serves the greater picture of economic growth. However, with time and unforeseen events, the industry is struggling to keep up with its own vulnerabilities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the weakest link for the aviation arm, which has been its strongest suit ever since its inception. Risk to travellers has undeniably been the biggest pitfall for the aviation sector of the transportation industry. While industry leaders face some of the unprecedented challenges of our time, our carefully created reports present unique solutions and insightful opinions.

The wide arena of public transport, which forms an integral part of the transportation industry, has been constantly assessing its substantial revenue streams. Today, the task at hand is even more important as the world is undergoing and rethinking the future of commute and connectivity. From public safety, FDIs, smart vehicles and smarter railways, the transport industry is expected to overhaul its existing infrastructure and build one that suits the modern needs.

Emerging technologies such as tracking devices have brought this industry closer to automation. Seamless transportation solutions through connected devices and cloud computing have helped this industry take a quantum leap. Today, the transportation industry, that is the backbone of economies across the globe, is more service-oriented and equipped with safer solutions to deliver a power-packed performance, ensuring a cumulative positive productivity.

Our thoroughly researched reports also present solutions to the ever-perplexing issue of rising carbon footprint of the overall transport industry.


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