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Our Research Methodology

Under uncertainty, traditional approaches to strategic planning can be downright dangerous. True ambiguity is no basis to forecast the future - degree of risk, the magnitude of circumstances, conditions and consequences are not known or unpredictable. To avoid dangerous binary views of uncertainty; strategic posture, moves and actions through market research is the best bet.

Our Research Methodology

By effective market research, businesses can adapt the change and plan and secure their longevity and relevancy in the market. Fairfield Market Research assists businesses to stay innovative and successful, and change with times.

At Fairfield Market Research we use relevant market research methods, appropriate tools & techniques to dissect the market. We base our inputs primarily on numbers' (figures, that are accurate, reveal the truth and presenting real picture of facts); followed by objective analysis, interpretation and presentation.
Our methodology involves the amalgamation of secondary/desk research, primary research and insights from our research experts. We conduct extensive secondary research to collect relevant information on the market including parent market, competitive intelligence, consumer trends, etc.
At Fairfield Market Research, we exercise a comprehensive research methodology in analyzing and evaluating the industry/ business/ market. Fairfield Market Research offers unparalleled research capabilities and resources covering a wide range of industries and geographies.
We validate our findings, study assumptions and market trends with industry experts via Delphi's and other stakeholders, in the value chain, through systematic and scheduled interviews.
We adopt a logical and unconventional set of research techniques to bring out accurate, statistically supported research and actionable insights. We are dedicated towards delivering excellent and quality insights in a timely manner.
We have a scientific approach for the data estimation and forecasting, with emphasis on both top-down and bottom-up approach, to arrive at the overall market size. Entire market data is triangulated through multiple sources, assuring the validity of comprehensive research and enhancing the credibility of the study.
Our Research Methodology
Our Research Methodology

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Looking for something bespoke? Fairfield Market Research team understands the pulse of the industry we specialise in, and we ensure our knowledge and expertise is accurately captured in our reports that create optimum value for our clients.

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