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Our Research Methodology

Considering the volatility of business today, traditional approaches to strategizing a game plan can be unfruitful if not detrimental. True ambiguity is no way to determine a forecast. A myriad of predetermined factors must be accounted for such as the degree of risk involved, the magnitude of circumstances, as well as conditions or consequences that are not known or unpredictable. To circumvent binary views that cast uncertainty, the application of market research intelligence to strategically posture, move, and enable actionable outcomes is necessary.

Our Research Methodology

With the aid of precise, applicative market research, businesses will be in a better position to adapt to change, plan, and secure both their longevity and relevancy. Fairfield Market Research enables businesses to stay innovative, successful, and evolve with the times.

At Fairfield Market Research, we use assured research methods, as well as the right tools and techniques to effectively dissect a given market. We base our inputs primarily on quantitative data (figures that are accurate, reveal the truth, and factual); followed by objective analysis, interpretation, and presentation.
Our methodology involves the amalgamation of secondary/desk research, primary research and insights from our research experts. We conduct extensive secondary research to collect relevant information on a given industry including the parent market, competitive intelligence, consumer trends, etc.
At Fairfield Market Research, we implement a comprehensive research methodology when analysing and evaluating an industry/business. Fairfield Market Research offers unparalleled research capabilities and resources encompassing a wide array of industries and regions.
We validate our findings, study assumptions, and market trends with industry experts and other stakeholders in the value chain, via Delphi’s method and through systematic, scheduled interviews.
We implement a logical and unconventional bracket of research techniques to devise accurate, statistically supported research and actionable insights. We are dedicated and relentless in our approach to delivering excellent insights that exude quality.
We apply a scientific approach for all data estimation and forecasting initiatives, with an emphasis on both top-down and bottom-up approaches, to arrive at the overall size of a market. All our market data is triangulated through multiple sources, assuring the validity of comprehensive research, and enhancing the credibility of our study.
Our Research Methodology
Our Research Methodology

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With our finger on the pulse of this industry, the specialist teams at Fairfield Market Research aim to ensure that concrete insights and reliable expertise are accurately captured and channelled through our comprehensive reports, thus creating maximum value for our clientele.

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