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Chemicals and materials have been the lifeline of all industries, feeding the production lines relentlessly with raw materials. The essential nature of this industry has given us pressing reasons to understand it impact on the global economy. The industry has witnessed a surge in demand for specialty chemicals and various kinds of materials as urban spaces are transforming at breakneck speed.

Explosion of the construction industry that has brought with it a wave of allied industries such as paints and coatings has compounded the growth rate for chemicals and materials in the past decade. We predict the industry will see growth in a new dimension as the world shifts its attention toward preservation, overhauling and restoration. That being the case, we have assessed the impact it is likely to have on adhesives and sealants, making them vital in restoration processes. 

We are constantly trying to assess and track the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the chemicals and materials industry to chart its trajectory. Our analysts have keenly observed the current affairs to keep the reports relevant as allied industries such as composites, textiles, petrochemicals, paper and pulp and glass experience exceptional volatility during these extraordinary times.

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