Customisation On Request

It so happens, some unique information clients looking for may not be available in the syndicated, off-the-shelf reports. To that end, we undertake customised research; bespoke approach that are highly optimised to meet client’s changing business needs.

What you get from a customised report

Customised report, focussing on your business growth aspirations.

Tailored according to the needs of a company’s particular business problem or issue. Client has complete control over the requirements for these type of projects.
Our customised and focussed studies even for niche markets can help you generate new knowledge, and an alternative perspective

Deep dive to get actionable insights, dipstick studies deploying qualitative and Delphi techniques to gain greater market understanding. You get personalised data that is going to be proprietary, compelling, and will have real impact.

The options in the customised research are endless and exclusively formulated to meet business strategies of the clients.
Primary research based inputs to give a cutting edge and additional facet to the overall study.
We here at Fairfield are committed to design projects that can answer all your critical queries. Custom research projects have flexible budgets, a fit-for-purpose and can accommodate wide range of client’s business needs.

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Fairfield Market Research team understands the pulse of the industry we specialise in, and we ensure our knowledge and expertise is accurately captured in our reports that create optimum value for our clients.