London, UK, October 20, 2020 – Fairfield predicts that global hub motor market is likely to create a revolution in the automotive world. New-age designs and remarkable technologies are expected to take the world by storm in the coming decade as countries strive to balance CO2 emissions while serving transportation needs.

Key Highlights

  • Rise of sustainable resources to trigger the demand for alternative propulsion systems
  • Consumers mull durable and lightweight designs for long term fuel efficiency
  • Front wheel drive being the easier and cheaper one will witness rise in demand
  • Europe to lead the global market with avant-garde designs and technology
  • Players to focusing on partnerships to expand their consumer base

For the past decade, in-wheel electric (or hub) motors have been widely touted as the alternative propulsion system for future power trains. With the adoption of battery electric vehicles and the rebirth of hydrogen fuel cells, this conceptual technology is coming to the fore, showing true potential to change the game.

Policies on global warming and CO2 emission norms, focussing on environmental sustainability and responsive industry are the major push factors. In addition, responsible citizens, informed customers and discerning consumers are the pull factors for hub motor vehicles market.

As gasoline loses appeal due to its price and pollution aspects, alternative power trains that will not burn fossil fuels or make each vehicle a point source of pollution are fast emerging.

Compared with conventional vehicles, autonomous vehicles have the advantage of superior energy efficiency and lower noise levels.

Increasing customer’s preference for a durable, lightweight design and high performance with efficient brake capabilities are making the hub motor vehicle market attractive. These vehicles predominantly are compact, have high utilization ratio of interior vehicle space, lower centre of gravity, driving stability, easy intelligent control, high torque drive, low maintenance costs and safety compared with other drive modes.

The expanding product choices, with increasing competition, shall see gradual dominance of hub motors in automotive industry. The highly reliable hub motor vehicles are going to be the preferred drive mode in future.

There are three drive types – all wheel, front wheel and rear wheel drive. Of these, the front wheel drive is most favoured for it is far easier in installation, is cheaper and requires less maintenance. Going forward, the front wheel drive will dominate the autonomous market, yielding impressive growth opportunities.

Europe is expected to be at the forefront of the global hub motor market with about 40% growth rate. The region boasts an evolved automotive industry, setting standards for global players over the years. Presence of Tier-1 suppliers, OEMs, and other prominent automotive ancillaries are expected to lead others in the coming decade. Europe has stringent and imposing environmental regulations. The second dominating region in the market will be Asia Pacific, majorly due to China being the higher consumer base with quick auto penetration. Further, it is a big manufacturing hub with advanced technological capabilities and wider distribution network.

All the major industry players are focusing on mergers and acquisitions to gain larger reach and penetration in the global market. The players are also working on newer technologies, modifying the existing product line to stay above the competition. In July 2019, Grin Technologies launched GMAC e-bike (compact and lightweight geared motor) in partnership with MAC Motors.

Key players operating in the global hub motor market are ZIEHL- ABEGG, HEINZMANN GmbH & Co. KG, Protean electric, BonfiglioliRiduttoriS.p.A., ZF Friedrichshafen AG. NSK Limited, Evans Electric, Hyundai Mobis Co. Ltd., TM4 Inc., e-traction B.V.,Kolektor, Elaphe Ltd., NTN Corporation., Magnetic Systems Technologies, GEM Motors d.o.o, Siemens AG, Printed Motor Works, YASA Limited and Schaeffler AG.

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