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The food and beverage industry has an incredible social, environmental and economic impact. Responsible for millions of jobs and exponential turnover, this industry has taken a few interesting turns in the past decade. Introduction of quick-service-restaurants, delivery kitchens and on-the-go meals have given the food and beverage industry new avenues for steady revenue streams in the emerging economies.

The industry has also witnessed a wave of superfoods and functional foods as awareness of living a better life reaches an all-time high. Trends such as gluten-free and sugar-free goods are expected to see an unprecedented rise as the world witnesses a surge in lifestyle disorders, encouraging consumers to eat better. This industry largely depends on the agricultural trends that are staring at diminishing arable land for cultivation in the coming ten years. We present reports that discuss the solutions for vendors in the agriculture business for making the right investments in crops combined with technological innovations to achieve profitable yields.

While the disrupted supply chains due to COVID-19 have affected the food and beverage industry, the frozen food segment has definitely flourished as it has served a crucial role in solving the food crisis for many during lockdowns. With the restaurant industry taking a hit, our reports present strategies to adapt to the extraordinary times from a place of strength and knowledge.

From pet food industry to changes in consumption patterns of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, our carefully written reports aim to prepare you for the right investment opportunities.

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