The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted both the strengths of healthcare systems and their vulnerabilities. The remarkable advancements with 3D printing technologies for making medical devices to instant diagnostics that enable immediate intervention have been a few of the many turning points for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in the past few decades.

As the healthcare industry rests on the fulcrum of the biggest humanitarian crisis of the century, precariously balancing patient care and immediate response, it important to understand how the decisions will take now shape the future. In line with the same effort, we bring to you detailed reports ascertaining the progress made by biotechnology, life sciences, vaccines, therapeutics, patient monitoring and medical device segments of this vast industry.

Our analysts have dug deep into the historical movements of the industry to track its adoption rate of technology to lead with innovation. While it is a commonly seen trend in developed parts of the world, it remains slower across developing economies. However, as the world reels under the pressure of COVID-19, we have mapped how the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry will adapt to bridge the gaps between patient care and research through uptake of technological advancements.

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