Information and Communications Technology

The convergence of the telecommunications industry with computing and broadcasting has given the information and communications technologies (ICT) sector an opportunity to create connectivity that remains unparalleled. Today, ICT has given businesses a chance to collaborate on ideas that have a wider reach with a solution-based approach.
Set at the very core of a digital economy, ICT has emerged as the backbone of the financial infrastructure that supports myriads businesses. As companies adapt to change, technological disruptions continue to jolt them too. Thus, we present to you an exhaustive list of reports that cover topics such as semiconductors, big data, LEDs, lasers, fiber, cable, ERP, networks, industrial automation, robotics, and various other IT solutions.

Information and communications technology is continuously striving to strengthen digital integration with numerous other industries with new technologies, boosting productivity with innovation to capture greater opportunities with the Internet of Things, Internet of Everything, sensors, and other networking technologies. In the span of a decade, the ICT industry has made remarkable leaps arriving at 5G technology, promising a world that is more connected, in sync, and capable.

From healthcare to finance, the contribution of the ICT industry is an undeniable one, helping these industries scale newer heights. Besides creating a connected world, the sector has developed incredible data storage techniques that have become integral to understanding human behaviours and predicting situations for designing pre-emptive measures. The coming decade expects the ICT industry to build smart cities and predict epidemics to save the human race from possible pandemics. Its analytical approach at assessing the environment is expected to develop automated solutions across industries to complete create a paradigm shift that yet only remains the realm of imagination.

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