Metals and Mining

Mining has become an important arm of the global economy, supporting varied infrastructural developments worldwide. Its role in generation of raw materials to creating employment has been integral to governments, economists and policy makers. Thus, its representation in wealth generation for countries has made it is an important sector that demands its own study.

Analysts at Fairfield have studied minute aspects of the metals and mining industry to present a comprehensive list of reports. Subjects such as jewellery making and trends, coal extraction and its carbon footprint and the impact of booming electronics industry have been carefully studied in our reports to understand how it will affect the metals and mining industry in the coming decade.

The reports objectively assess the impact on COVID-19 as well. While the impact on the overall market is difficult to ascertain at this point in time, analysts have made a practical assessment of how the pandemic has affected the extraction of metals and mining industry. A drop in demand for commodities that use metals has resulted in a slowdown in mining activities. The list of reports assess the impact on metallurgical coal, zinc, aluminium, steel, thermal coal, gold, uranium, iron ore, copper and copper amongst others. The diverse uses of metals across industries have been analyzed in the reports.

Going further, the reports also attempt to explore the role of modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, aerial surveillance and remote monitoring in expanding the horizons of metals and mining industry.

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