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Global Industry Analysis (2017-2020) – Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2021-2025)


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Addressing Plastic Pollution Gives Birth to Global Toothpaste Tablet Market

A general trend indicates that consumers are readily swapping personal care products for the ones that are packaged more consciously, highlighting a green packaging trend. The same holds true for toothpaste consumption as consumers are realising the harmful effects of its myopic packaging idea. The single-use tubes that end up in landfill have a higher carbon footprint, which has been the premise of developing toothpaste tablets. These tablets, usually sold in glass jars, are gaining traction as they commit to constructively engaging in better consumer choices.

Pressing Need to Tap into Zero Waste Trends Gives Toothpaste Tablet Market an Edge

A larger zero-waste trend is subliminally driving the global toothpaste tablet market. In the past five years, the global zero waste market has witnessed an ambitious rise, questioning lifestyle choices in subtle ways but relentlessly. Instagram influencers, celebrities, and many other social media platforms have consistently pushed for plastic-free and recycled plastic consumption choices, strengthening the case for toothpaste tablets. The call to the ditch the tube and to chew a tablet instead has appealed to both set of end users vis-à-vis Millennials and Generation Z. Toothpaste tablet manufacturers and advertisers have made an incredible sales pitch for campers, travellers, and youngsters on a constant move who should be more conscious of their choices while maintaining their oral hygiene by popping a tablet instead of opening a new tube in new location each time.

Hospitality Industry to be Greatest Opportunity for Toothpaste Tablet Market

In the same vein, the hospitality industry could be a trendsetter in this matter. Impelled to change personal care products each time a room is vacated, the hospitality industry is expected to open opportunities for the global toothpaste tablet market. The sample-size toothpaste tubes can be easily replaced with toothpaste tablets that serve the same purpose with less waste creation. A pop of toothpaste tablet has the potential to deliver the same results as that of a toothpaste that is packaged in aluminium and plastic tube.

Toothpaste tablets do not contain water, which allows them to be pressed in a pill form. Exposure to saliva or a swig of water breaks the pill down into a paste-like material that can be brushed as usual. A conscious walk towards building and contributing to a circular economy by the hospitality industry is expected to promote the use of toothpaste tablets.

Reduction in Water Usage While Maintaining Oral Hygiene Creates Wider Appeal

In addition to being an efficient, eco-friendly alternative, toothpaste tablets are also appealing to a unique end-user experience. For instance, toothpaste tablet developed by Colgate-Palmolive Company, CO. to Go, presents itself as a tiny, waterless solution to mundane activity of brushing teeth. These power-packed pills are gluten-free, vegan, enamel-safe, and come in mint flavour for a refreshing experience. Moreover, they use lesser water than regular activity of brushing teeth. Its water conservation appeal has thus added to the user experience, which is expected to boost the global toothpaste tablet market between 2021 and 2025.

Fluoride-free Toothpaste Tablets to Gain Popularity

Fairfield Market Research’s preliminary research indicates that the fluoride-free toothpaste tablets will hold a leading share in the global market. Concerns about excessive use of fluoride and option of choosing more natural ingredients are driving the demand for this segment. Growing worries about developing dental fluorosis due to prolonged usage of toothpastes with fluoride are expected to push the demand for tablets that are fluoride free in the coming years.

Several players such as Dental Lace, Archtek, and Bite have been focussed on developing products that are fluoride-free, a chemical which can lead to erosion of enamel. To lure in wider demographic, the young and the old, companies such as Bite are launching varied flavours. Packed with delectable flavours such as berry, mint, and Cocomango, the company stands by its mission to keep the ocean clean from plastic pollution one tablet at a time. Bite states that about a billion toothpaste tubes end up in the landfill every year. Improving accessibility of sustainable products to consumers is expected to drive the market and bring about a faster change in waste disposal.

Online Sales Channels See a Watershed Moment Amidst COVID-19

In terms of sales channel, analysts predict that the online segment is expected to outdo supermarkets/hypermarkets and convenience stores. The pandemic has been a watershed moment for online shopping, significantly eliminating the experience of shopping from brick-and-mortar shops. Shopping via social media platforms, quicker payment options, and verified shopping experiences are all expected to propel the online segment in the global toothpaste tablet market.

U.S. and UK Lead the Way with Conscious Clients

The U.S. is expected to lead the global toothpaste tablet market as the country has significant number of players. Several retailers are offering consumers subscriptions to monthly flavours or monthly deals that are enticing several end users to keep experimenting. The country is expected to lead the North America as the region also has a younger population that is more willing to experiment and try out different personal care products.

Meanwhile, the Europe toothpaste tablet market is expected to rise as the sentiment towards environment-conscious products gains prominence. Growing sensitivity about cruelty-free products and reducing plastic consumption with zero waste products are driving the market. Brands such as Brush Fresh are not just manufacturing toothpaste tablets but also packaging the product in recyclable cardboard, truly committing to the model of circular economy.

Asia Pacific is expected to show a noticeable interest in the toothpaste tablet market as well. A young demographic being shaped by social media influences, woke sensibilities, and a more conscious approach to living are all expected to make a contribution to the rising demand for toothpaste tablets. As the tourism and hospitality industry gears up make a comeback and live alongside the detrimental COVID-19 waves, they are both likely to make some drastic changes. Both these are expected change the perception of end users towards usage of everyday personal care products that add to the larger issue of biomagnification, thus boosting sales.

Companies to Invest in Advertising and Branding Strategies to Create Presence

Some of the key players being studied in the global toothpaste tablet market are Colgate Palmolive Company, The Humble Co., Weldental LLC, Bite, DENTABBS GmbH, Lush Cosmetics Company, Pure Earth Essentials, Well Earth Goods, Georganics, Kaylaan LLC, Archteck, Inc., and Dental Lace, Inc. Companies are looking at investing in branding and advertising strategies to stay ahead of the game. Addition of new flavours, exciting offers, and making a wider appeal to larger consumers at industry level will be seen as some of the competitive strategies of the players.

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