Cloud High Performance Computing Market

Cloud High Performance Computing Market

Global Industry Analysis (2018 - 2021) - Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2022 - 2027)

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Demand for High Speed Data Processing to Trigger Growth

High speed processing of data is one of the key benefits of cloud high performance computing. Good performance being synonymous with rapid and accurate calculations, it becomes essential to adopt solutions facilitating high speed processing. In this backdrop, cloud high performance computing solutions are being adopted in various industries such as medical, finance, research, defense, government and seismic exploration, where applications encounter inefficient and slow data processing concerns. For instance, in finance industry’s fast-paced nature makes it crucial to process valuations accurately and at high speed. Likewise, in medical domain, various applications such as CT (Computed Tomography) scanning and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) call for efficient processing of highly complex algorithms to obtain accurate and quick results. Cloud high performance computing solutions reduce computing time at a significant rate allowing high speed data processing with precision and accuracy. This aspect continues to influence adoption of cloud high performance computing.

High CapEx to Call for Cloud Based High Performance Computing

One of the important aspects in establishing IT infrastructure is high cost, which is looked upon as a major concern especially among SMEs. Implementing high performance computing (HPC) solutions requires high CapEx (capital expenditure) due to high software and hardware costs. On the other hand, operational costs associated with high performance computing, such as energy, repair and maintenance and human resource costs, are fairly less compared to CapEx. Moreover, with on-premise high performance computing, apart from high investments, there is very less flexibility wherein companies cannot make necessary changes quickly once the installation is completed and have to adhere to the timeline of the license. This has resulted in integration of cloud technology in the high performance computing space, on the back of higher scalability, elasticity and cost effectiveness factors. 

Defense Industry to Showcase Lucrative Opportunities for Cloud High Performance Computing

There are several activities in the defense and military area that need rapid and accurate processing of data such as images and movements. Processing of satellite drawn image, intelligence and signal processing along with video analytics are few of the key activities that require use of efficient technology for quick processing. For instance, quantity of data and images collected by UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) is extremely large. However, by adopting cloud high performance computing, processing of this information to glean and scout targets and security threats at a significantly faster pace and accuracy becomes possible. In addition, pivotal role of cloud high performance computing in simulation and training, navigation, attack and defense, communication surveillance, area intelligence and establishing communication among sensors, weapon systems and humans is fuelling its demand in the defense industry.

Cloud High Performance Computing Market to Witness High Growth Potential in Asia Pacific

Emerging economies in the Asia Pacific region are likely to exhibit high growth potential with respect to use of cloud high performance computing. This can be attributed towards growth in the SMEs across countries such as China and India that are inclined towards adopting cloud based solutions to lower their operational costs. Moreover, rising digital economy has been expanding the cloud computing space, which is expected to drive the growth of cloud high performance computing market in this region. For instance, according to CAICT (China Academy of Information and Communications Technology), growth in China’s digital economy penetration rate was 19.5%, 8.2% and 37.8% across secondary, primary and tertiary industries in 2019 which is likely to increase at a moderate pace. In addition, as per China Center for Information Industry Development, new infrastructure will witness a high direct investment which is likely to reach ten trillion Yuan by end of 2025, which will shape the cloud computing space. These aspects are likely to boost adoption of cloud based solutions such as cloud high performance computing in the country, in turn paving potential opportunities in the coming years.

Cloud High Performance Computing Market Competitive Landscape

Competitive marketplace in the cloud high performance computing space is likely to remain given the presence of big player such as Hewlett-Packard Company, Intel Corporation, IBM, and Microsoft Corporation among others. Key players have been adopting growth strategies such as new launches, carrying out high investments in R&D programs, acquisitions and alliances. For instance, in 2021, Atos SE acquired Nimbix to strengthen its position as a market leader in cloud high performance computing. Other players in the cloud high performance computing market include Advanced Micro Devices, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu, Oracle Corporation and Dell Technologies.

Please Note: The above mentioned segmentation/companies/countries are likely to differ in the actual report as they are based on preliminary research.

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