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Cold Plasma Market

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A Strong, Expanding Application Base Upholds Growth Prospects of Cold Plasma Market

Several applications of low temperature atmospheric pressure plasma, more popularly known as cold plasma, have been around since decades. Today, it is prominently used across the medical, and bioengineering fields. The broad application base in dentistry, dermatology, wound care, disinfection and decontamination, sterilisation, agriculture, and food processing and safety further raises the scope of growth for the global cold plasma market. The research around potential application of cold plasma in biomedicine has unlocked new frontiers of opportunity in science, and technology. While exact plasma interaction with soft matter is yet to be completely understood, a lot of investigation is afoot, and will unleash the interaction on a cellular/sub-cellular level. Based on different research outcomes from time to time, there have been some noteworthy advancements in the discovery of plasma-based therapies that would specifically target certain health conditions (which are currently challenging the healthcare system).

Over time, the dramatically rising prevalence of cancers, chronic wounds (especially those afflicting diabetic patients), rapid development and evolution of antibiotic resistant bacterial strains, and alarming rates of hospital acquired infections (HAI) that demand effective treatment, are expected to drive innovations in the cold plasma landscape. With newer application possibilities coming to the fore with each research study, cold plasma will most likely represent a significantly growing market over the foreseeable future. The cost efficiency in its production will remain a strong booster to the growth of the global cold plasma market.

Cold Plasma Captures Centre Stage for Oncology Research Communities Worldwide

The potential applicability of plasma-based therapy in oncology is being perceived as a critical milestone for the medical world, and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval only indicates that it could be exciting, promising, and rather acceptable in the near future. The use of cold plasma technology has proven to be effective in eradicating (microscopic) post-surgical cancerous tumours that hang around. Solid tumours such as those in lung and breast, are typically subject to oncology drugs, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy; however, they often develop with strong chances of recurrence, and in certain cases, may not even be removed completely. A sizeable patient population that undergoes partial mastectomy reportedly goes for another surgery as a result of the failure in removal of these micro-tumours.

Such complications in cancer cases continue to make screening and treatment among the most important areas of research. Several teams of surgeons, academicians, research students, and others have thus been investing massive collaborated efforts in exploring the potential of cold plasma therapy in offsetting the tumour relapse risk. A prominent example is the pen-shaped electrosurgical scalpel that that was developed in 2019. It sprays a cold plasma get on lingering malignant cancerous tissues. The project was led by an expert at Purdue University.

Research Considers Cold Plasma Crucial to Devise a Potential Cure to COVID-19

Viral outbreaks such as the current COVID-19 underline the critical need for effective virus inactivation methods. While cold plasma has been proven to be able to deactivate air-borne pathogens, multiple research studies have been claiming of its potential as a promising cost-efficient, clean, and effective solution to these viral inactivation requirements as well. It is reportedly capable of preventing viral infections, and mass transmission from a broad variety of surfaces. Cold plasma has thus unleashed multiple windows of opportunities for the world of medicine amid the complications of COVID-19 diagnostics, and treatment. Medical-grade cold plasma is also gaining strong traction for disinfection of single-use protective equipment, and cleanroom consumables, especially amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Market Sees New Revenue Streams with a Potential Role of Cold Plasma in Preserving Perishables

Cold plasma has been in extensive use as a novel nonthermal technology in sectors involving perishables such as dairy, and agri-food. It not only preserves the nutrition profile, and quality food products but also tends to inactivate the microbial growth with zero risk of developing resistance. The selective enzyme inactivation abilities of cold plasma account for the prevention of discolouration/browning, and off-flavour generation. While fresh produce, and fresh cut produce are naturally prone to the loss of moisture, texture, nutrients, and firmness, the greater risk is that of the degradation of quality, and increased microbial load.

Using cold plasma right for the plant seed treatment can potentially improve the overall seed quality, germination, and growth through surface decontamination. The economical nature of this cold plasma treatment also places it above the conventionally used ozone treatment, edible coating, and modified atmospheric packaging (MAP). This is foreseen to be an important factor encouraging adoption of cold plasma. The trend will be more prominent in segments like fruits, vegetables, milk and milk products, meat and meat products, fish, and beverages.

Asia Pacific Holds Attractive Revenue Generation Opportunities

Cold plasma consumption by key consumer segments such as medical, textile, processed and frozen food is likely to drive market expansion in Asia Pacific. The region is particularly witnessing robust polymer production, rapidly sophisticating healthcare infrastructure, and an exploding frozen foods sector, which collectively account for the heightening cold plasma demand within the region.

The market in Asia Pacific will especially gain from the growing need for sanitisation, disinfection, and decontamination, positioning itself as a lucrative market for cold plasma manufacturers. On the other hand, hegemony of North America is set to prevail throughout the forecast period as the food safety regulations firm up within the region, pushing the demand for cold plasma for decontamination application.

Key Vendors in Cold Plasma Landscape Choose to Rely on New Product Launches and Collaborative Activities

Some of the leading companies actively participating in the global cold plasma market landscape include US Medical Innovations, Henniker Plasma, Nordson Corporation, Tantec A/S, Adtech Plasma Technology Co. Ltd., Plasmatreat GmBh, Europlasma NV, Linde AG, Terraplasma Medical GmBh, Molecular Plasma Group, Smith & Nephew plc, Nordson Corporation, Thierry Corporation, Neoplas Tools GmbH, Plasmatreat GmbH, Vetaphone A/S, and Bovie Medical Corporation.

In addition to new launches in the market, key companies continue to invest in collaborations with leading research institutes. Biggies in the sector are expected to continue strategic acquisitions as their key developmental move. Strategically important market players are especially considering investments in improved customer service through the entire sales cycle. Thierry Corporation that majorly covers plasma cleaning technologies also emphasizes quality pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services. The company enjoys satisfactory customer feedback, and relationships, which help it gain an exceptional competitive edge.

  • The Electronics & Photonic Innovation Center (EPIC) announced the acquisition of multiple HPT-200 plasma treatment systems of Henniker Plasma (UK) in 2019
  • Europlasma NV introduced the first-ever halogen free plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) conformal coating for printed circuit boards and wearable devices – PlasmaGuard in 2019
  • Adtech Plasma Technology entered a collaboration with Hull York Medical School over a project that intends to develop a lab model for gas plasma testing (for potential treatment) on osteomyelitis bone infections.

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  • Market Dynamics and Economic Overview
  • Market Size in Value, Growth Rates, and Forecast Figures, 2022 - 2029
  • Competitive Intelligence with Financials, Key Developments, and Portfolio of Leading Companies 
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  • Value Chain and Five Force’s Analysis
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