Drinking Yoghurt Market

Global Industry Analysis (2017-2020) – Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2021-2025)


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On-the-go Healthy Snacking Trend Fits Well for Global Drinking Yoghurt Market

Yoghurt has a very long history of being an integral part of the staple diet across the globe. The emergence of drinking yoghurt has added a new commercial value to yoghurt, proposing consumption of health benefits in a new format. High on probiotics cultures, which improves gut function, metabolism, and boosts immunity, the global drinking yoghurt market has garnered itself attention from the young and old. In addition, drinking yoghurt is also loaded with proteins, vitamins, and calcium.

In recent years, large scale commercial advertisement campaigns and celebrity endorsements have generated awareness towards maintaining digestive health. Social media promotions with the help of influencers have further stoked the demand as these appeal to a younger demographic with a high purchasing power.

In addition, the health-conscious population are pickier about what they consume. This trend is making them opt for authentic nutritional products that are derived from fermented food and beverages instead of dietary supplements, fueling the market growth.

The pandemic has created a higher demand for food products that claim to support immune health. According to food ingredient conglomerate Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), consumers are taking gut health seriously. They are ready to spend more on health and wellness related items, which has been a boon for the market. ADM's survey stated that 57% of global consumers are more concerned about their immunity because of the pandemic. This is expected to augment the drinking yoghurt market, which is high on probiotic culture, throughout the forecast period.

People are increasingly looking for healthy snacks and treats that balances out the lack of time to prepare elaborate meals due to a busy lifestyle. Replacing breakfast with on-the-go food products, traditional mealtime with quick snacks, and easy availability of ready-to-eat convenience food products with small portion size are expected to complement the global drinking yoghurt market. Drinking yoghurt is available in brick liquid cartons packs with a spout or are provided with a drinking straw that can be consumed on the go. Thus, the extreme convenience in terms of consumption and packaging are also anticipated to the driving factors of this market.

Plant-based Yoghurt to Garner Demand as Vegan Revolution Grips Developed Regions

The global drinking yoghurt market is segmented on the basis of product type, flavour, sales channel, and region. Based on product type dairy-based drinking yoghurt segment is estimated to account for a relatively higher value share in 2019. However, Fairfield Market Research predicts that the plant-based drinking yoghurt segment, though at a very niche stage, is expected to register significant growth over the forecast period.

Vegan and plant-based movement coupled with the rising prevalence of lactose intolerance among consumers is expected to boost the segment growth over the forecast period. Based on flavour, the fruit flavour segment is expected to reflect an attractive index representing a sizeable chunk of the market. Natural fruit flavoured products are perceived to have high antioxidants and thus remain a preferred choice amongst kids and millennials.

Asia Pacific to Lead Drinking Yoghurt Market as its Staple Status Remains Strong

Globally, North America is expected to attain a favourable growth in the drinking yoghurt market. Increased consumer concern towards improved digestive health coupled with the emerging trend of healthy snacking is expected to drive the demand for drinking yoghurt in the region. According to a food and beverages ingredient giant, FONA International, U.S., the digestive health market has nearly tripled in size and is predicted to reach more than US$5 Bn by 2024.

Meanwhile, Asia Pacific is slated to be the clear leader in the global drinking yoghurt market as yoghurt has always been the staple food in the region. Flavoured yoghurt is a sweet treat across countries in Asia Pacific. The region stands to benefit as an increased number of product launches and growing demand for health drinks as an alternative to carbonated beverages emerge in developing economies of the region.

Global Drinking Yoghurt Market: Key Players

Some of the major players considered in the report are Danone Groupe SA, Bevie Handcraft NZ Limited (Mad Millie), Nestlé S.A, General Mills Inc, Yili Group, Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd, DANA Dairy Group LTD, Royal FrieslandCampina N.V., Groupe Lactalis, and Pillars Yogurt.

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