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Internal Combustion Engine Market

Internal Combustion Engine Market

Global Industry Analysis (2018 - 2021), Growth Trends, and Market Forecast (2022 - 2029)

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Industry: Automotive & Transport | Author Name: Chetan

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This study intends to unfurl the multiple facets of global internal combustion engine market and thereby examine how the short-term growth of the market will unfold during the stipulated time span.

Increase in Use of Electric Powertrains to Fuel Growth of Internal Combustion Engine Market

The internal combustion engine (ICE) has dominated the transportation sector for more than a century because it meets consumers’ needs on the critical issues of cost, and convenience. Electric vehicles (EVs) will gain market share in the years ahead, as ban (all new cars sold in the country must be zero-emission) on new gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles announced by the British, the USA, and several key European countries reflects an all-electric or fuel cell scenario in the near future. Does this mean the end of combustion engines? No, for price matters. Global internal combustion engine market remains stable as the EVs are still too expensive for low- and middle-income consumers as internal combustion engines keep getting smaller, faster, more efficient, and more powerful.

Mining. Replacing all the ICE vehicles with EVs in the US alone would require stunning amounts of commodities like cobalt, lithium, and copper. That is roughly 20 times the world’s current cobalt production, about nine times global neodymium output, nearly seven times global lithium production, and about four times world copper production. Energy density. Yes, batteries are getting better and so are the cars that use them. But today’s batteries are still no match for oil when it comes to gravimetric energy density, or the amount of energy contained per kilogram. The ease of refuelling. EVs require a special recharging unit at home or rely on public charging stations, which are still relatively scarce. Drivers of ICE vehicles can refuel from the vast network of oil filling stations. Furthermore, EVs take hours to recharge, ICE vehicles can be refuelled in less than five minutes.

Dynamics of EVs Hold the Most Significant Influence on Internal Combustion Engine Market

ICE and electric powertrains are frequently integrated to increase vehicle fuel efficiency, which is a primary driver fuelling the expansion of internal combustion engine market. The growing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles is a significant market driver for the automotive powertrain industry. The global market for electric vehicles has shown phenomenal growth. China continues to lead the way globally, with more than 47% of the worldwide market share for pure electric cars. The United States came in second place in 2018. According to International Energy Agency, in 2019, 2.2 million electric vehicles were sold worldwide, or just 2.5% of all cars sold. Although the global auto market shrank in 2020, sales of electric vehicles defied the trend, increasing to 3 million units and accounting for 4.1 percent of all vehicle sales. Sales of electric cars increased by more than twofold to 6.6 million in 2021, accounting for nearly 9% of the global auto market and more than tripling their market share from the previous year. This remains a major growth influencer for internal combustion engine market.

The predicted growth in sales of electric vehicles is due to lower battery costs, and technological advancements like improved storage capacity that have encouraged customer adoption. Governments and businesses worldwide have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as the planet's temperatures are rising at an alarming rate. Since transportation and mobility account for the second-largest percentage of emissions after power generation, this industry has received much attention. Due to favourable legislative conditions, including tax breaks and subsidies for both the industry and consumers in the European and Asia-Pacific regions, the production and sales of electric vehicles have been expanding rapidly on a global scale. Major auto markets like China, and India have made commitments from their governments to only allow electric vehicles on their roads by 2030. To prepare for the predicted increase in demand for such cars over the next ten years, major manufacturers have also upped their spending on the development of EVs.

Rising Income Levels Favours Internal Combustion Engine Market Growth

The ICE market is divided into end-use categories: automobiles, ships, and aircraft. The automobile industry has the largest market share. This growth is related to rising consumer disposable income, leading to global automobile usage rise. Internal combustion engines with significant returns on manufacturing investments are the primary focus of vehicle manufacturers. Furthermore, internal combustion engine market is anticipated to rise during the forecast period due to technical developments that improve IC engine fuel efficiency, emissions, and performance.

Rocketing Passenger Car Sales Drive Asia Pacific’s Internal Combustion Engine Market, China’s Primacy Prevails

Asia Pacific is the largest ICE user and is expected to grow at the fastest rate throughout the forecast period. The expansion of internal combustion engine market is primarily driven by the presence of numerous automakers, and an increase in demand for passenger cars in some of the region's largest economies, like China, and India. Additionally, the absence of infrastructure for charging electric vehicles and the high price of electric motors encourage market expansion. Natural gas is used in ICE because it has minimal emissions, which also aims to make ICE an alternative to EV. The aviation engine segment will potentially grow during the projected period due to the Asia Pacific’s rising aviation market. Sales of electric and hybrid vehicles are necessary for the need for electric drive axles to exist. In the first half of 2019, plug-in vehicle deliveries worldwide increased by 46 percent to 11,34,000 units from 2018. The rise in volume was 3,58,000 units, the same as the US plug-in car market in 2018.

China remains the epicentre of development, with 2,57,000 units (+66 percent) added to a total of 6,45,000 units during the first half of 2019 engine market is positioned to take over a sizeable portion of the wait-for industry. In actuality, numerous automakers in wait for and the rising demand for passenger cars in some of the most influential nations, such as China, and India, will further fuel the region’s internal combustion engine market growth. China remains the main driver central development driver2,57,000 units (+66 percent) added to a total of 6,45,000 units during the first half of 2019. Europe's increase for the first half of the year was 34%, or +67 000 units, but it was still constrained by low stocks, wait-for lists for popular BEVs, and the exhaustion of high-demand PHEVs. Automobile manufacturers are releasing more electric vehicles with cutting-edge features. Although changes in regulatory policy had slowed the growth of the Chinese market in 2018, the output is anticipated to pick up as automakers absorb these changes with price adjustments. China continues to be the world leader in the commercial vehicle sector, where over 90% of electric buses are sold.

Global Internal Combustion Engine Market: Competitive Landscape

A few of the players in the internal combustion engine market include CST Industries, Inc. (the US), McDermott International Inc. (US), Containment Solutions Inc. (US), DN Tanks (US), Caldwell Tanks (US), Balmoral Tanks Limited (UK), and Synalloy Corporation (US).

Audi has announced its intention to present the final vehicle with an IC engine in 2026. In a different model, Toyota announced the creation of a combustion engine that operates on hydrogen and is intended for use in sports cars in April 2021. On the other hand, by forming joint ventures and partnerships with local electric vehicle manufacturers, electric powertrain producers worldwide are expanding into the Chinese market to take advantage of the rising demand for electric vehicles. For instance, Magna International and Huayu Automotive Systems reached a deal to increase Magna International's presence in China's electric drive market.

Global Internal Combustion Engine Market is Segmented as Below:

By Fuel

  • Petroleum
  • Natural Gas

By End Use

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Aircraft

By Region

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
    • Mexico
  • Europe
    • UK
    • France
    • Germany
    • Russia
    • Rest of Europe
  • Asia Pacific
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • India
    • China
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
    • Latin America
    • Middle East
    • Africa

Key Elements Included In The Study: Global Internal Combustion Engine Market

  • Internal Combustion Engine Market by Product/Technology/Grade, Application/End-user, and Region
  • Executive Summary (Opportunity Analysis and Key Trends)
  • Historical Market Size and Estimates, Value and Volume, 2018 - 2021
  • Volume Consumption at Regional and Country Level, 2022 - 2029
  • Market Dynamics and Economic Overview
  • Market Size in Value and Volume, Growth Rates, and Forecast Figures, 2022 - 2029
  • Competitive Intelligence with Financials, Key Developments, and Portfolio of Leading Companies 
  • Regional and Product/Grade/Application/End-user Price Trends Analysis
  • Production Output Analysis (Major Producing Regions)
  • Key Trade Statistics (Import and Export)
  • Value Chain and Five Force’s Analysis
  • Regional/Sub-region/Country Market Size and Trend Analysis
  • Company Market Share Analysis and Key Player Profiles

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