Prefilled Syringes Market

Prefilled Syringes Market

Global Industry Analysis (2017 - 2020) - Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2021 - 2025)

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Growing Need for Safer and More Convenient Drug Delivery Boosts Demand for Prefilled Syringes

Advanced technology, improved drug delivery methods continue to emerge popular in tandem with the transformation of pharmaceutical industry as it undergoes consistent sophistication. One of the most breakthrough shifts the industry has witnessed is that from the traditional glass syringes to disposable plastic syringes and further to prefilled syringes (PFS). Being a single-dose packet of preparation, prefilled syringes are used to package injectable drugs and diluents, and are considered safer as they are disposed after one use.

Besides safe and convenient packing of parenteral drugs, prefilled syringes are being increasingly considered for packaging of some other product categories as well, including vaccines, blood stimulants, therapeutic proteins, erythroproteins, and interferons. Surging demand for sterile, convenient, accurate, and affordable parenteral drug delivery is fostering sales of prefilled syringes in global market.

User-friendly Features and Accurate Dosage Make Prefilled Syringes Ideal for Self-administration

Compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) can reduce the risk of microbial ingress and product cross contamination, thereby improving patient safety. Prefilled syringes contain the exact dose unlike vials that are overfilled up to 25%, which helps in eliminating dosing errors. Prefilled syringes essentially omit the processes required before one uses a drug in a vial.

With the advent of biotechnology drugs that are priced at an expensive point, prefilled syringes have come up as a boon as they promote lesser waste, which is advantageous in case of vaccine shortages and expensive drugs. Pharmaceutical companies can increase a product’s life span while patients can self-administer injectable drugs at home. Prefilled syringes are better equipped in emergency situations and serve as an ideal drug delivery solution in remote areas. They readily aid in self-administration of monoclonal antibodies used in multiple chronic conditions, which is another strong factor supporting the growth of prefilled syringes market.

Stability and Safety Issues Remain Longstanding Challenges Facing Prefilled Syringes Market Players

Amid escalating consumption of prefilled syringes within pharma and medical industries, manufacturers ought to ensure that the primary packaging does not have an adverse interaction with drugs. Any kind of interaction of prefilled syringes with drugs leads to stability issues - extractables and leachables (E&L) can interfere with drug molecules (in contact with not only the drug, but more materials and components), eventually resulting in compromised effectiveness of the concerned drugs. Such accidents lead to severe processing and quality control issues, which still remain a challenge to rapid growth of prefilled syringes market. Moreover, development of cost-effective alternatives and eliminating the odds of needle stick injuries will continue to be the concerning issues for manufacturers of prefilled syringes.

Simple Storage and Disposal Requisites Paving Way for Single-chamber Prefilled Syringes

Single-chamber prefilled syringes will flourish in terms of demand in the near future owing to their simple and convenient storage and disposal requisites, lesser drug waste during clinical trials, reduced material requirement, and optimized active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) use to prevent the overfill. Single-chamber prefilled syringes are significantly gaining from the brisk expansion of home healthcare settings over the past decade. Improved acceptance to self-administration of routine drugs among chronic disease patients is also largely responsible for the progress of global prefilled syringes market. Rising adoption of self-administered parenteral drugs and escalating prevalence of chronic diseases are thus collectively contributing to climbing sales of prefilled syringes in global market.

European Market Flourishes under All Favourable Circumstances

North American and European markets remain at the forefront of demand in global prefilled syringes landscape. While these developed regions lead their way on the back of frequent and greater number of product launches, they also seem to be benefitting from stronger distribution networks of key marketers. European markets are particularly performing better with increasing adoption of prefilled syringes as self-injecting drug devices, increases consumption of biologics and biosimilars, and growing investments from leading industry players in the region. Strong efforts of regional players in geographical expansion also work in favour of market growth.

Recently in 2021, Schreiner MediPharm – a Germany-based innovative functional label solutions provider has developed a first of its kind new tamper-proof Syringe-Closure-Wrap to deliver clear first-opening indication for pre-filled syringes. The solution ultimately aims to preserve the probity of prefilled syringes that would eventually translate into much improved patient safety.

BD Dominant in Prefilled Syringes Landscape; R&D Investments Picking up among Key Players

Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has been holding a controlling share in global prefilled syringes market banking on its broad product portfolio, wide customer base, and strong geographical presence. The company recently made an announcement about its US$ 1.2 billion investment in expanding the prefilled syringes manufacturing capacity by 50%. This investment is directed to a new plant based in Europe in addition to selective advancements in the company’s existing plants at six locations in the US, Europe, Japan, and Mexico.

Baxter International Inc., Catalent Inc., Elcam Medical ACS. Ltd, Gerresheimer AG, Nipro Medical Corporation, Oval Medical Technologies Limited, SHL Medical AG, Stevanato Group, Terumo Corporation, Vetter Pharma-Fertigung GmbH & Co. KG, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., and Ypsomed Group are some of the most prominent players actively participating in global prefilled syringes market landscape. Companies are focusing on R&D investments in an effort to keep up with frequent biotech and pharma innovations. The market is also witnessing growing emphasis on syringe modification strategies. Companies are further concentrating on development of newer distribution channels and including value added services under their existing offerings.

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