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Global Industry Analysis (2017 – 2020) – Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2021 – 2025)


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Food Service Restaurants and Retail Chains to Ride Sourdough Market

Demand for sourdough has experienced a substantial growth since last few years. Its use as a base ingredient in food service restaurant is boosting the demand for the product significantly, analyzes Fairfield Market Research. Sourdough comprises naturally occurring lactobacilli, yeast, and biological leavening agents. This makes it extremely beneficial for maintaining gut health. It also known to be high in protein while having a low glycemic index (GI). Both these factors is making it a popular ingredient amongst health-conscious population as low GI allows better glucose control, thus enabling weight loss.

Sourdough is gaining popularity in the fast-food industry, especially in the European region because of its adaptability and capacity to improve flavor, texture, and shelf life of finished products. Sourdough can be used in the production of wide range of prepared items and can be applied via different structures, including dried powders, starter societies, and live fluid societies. Thus, all these factors are expected to fuel the market growth during the forecast period.

Pizza and Bread to Gain Potential Incremental Opportunity By 2025

Sourdough involves various application including bread, pizza, cookies, bun,
cakes and pastries, and waffles amongst others. Among all these, the pizza and bread segment is expected to occupy major market share on the pie. Increased demand for sourdough pizza base in fast food service restaurant is driving the segment growth.  Increased usage of sourdough by small-scale bakery product manufacturers is expected to support the global demand for sourdough during the forecast period. Moreover, sourdough is continuously expanding its shelf space in retail chains.

Growing number of bakeries, substantial rise in home baking, and emergence of artisanal bakeries are expected to contribute to the higher uptake of sourdough during the forecast period. Improving awareness of opting for sourdough breads as compared to conventional loaves is has also had a positive impact on the global market, state analysts.

Retail Chains Across Europe Spike Sourdough Shelf Space

Globally, Europe is estimated to hold the largest value share followed by North America. Bakery is among the largest food categories in Europe and preference of baked items is expected to remain high across the region throughout the forecast period. In addition, people in the region are seeking healthy baked goods, which is promoting bakers to use sourdough.

Growing number of bakeries, quick service restaurants, and retail chains have thus increased the shelf space for sourdough. A booming retail sector, also supported by e-tailing platforms, is expected to support growing sales of sourdough.

For instance, in 2019, fast food chain, Leon, in partnership with Sainsbury, launched four ranges of sourdough loaves. The launched varieties included Quinoa Sourdough, Sweet Potato & Carrot Sourdough, Rye Pumpernickel Sourdough, and Super White Sourdough.

Sourdough Market Players Focusing on New Product Development to Stay Competitive

Some of the major players operating in the global sourdough market are Real Bread & Food company, Portland French Bakery, Riverside Sourdough, IREKS GmbH, Goodmills Group, Puratos, Lesaffre, ITALMILL S.r.l., Lallemand Inc., and Alpha Baking Co., among others. Sourdough manufacturers are now focused on offering different flavors and varieties to their expand product portfolio.

For instance, recently in 2020, a leading ingredient supplier, Dawn Foods, launched a sourdough donut mix. This product was especially launched in order to target bakery product manufacturers. According to the company the mix can be used in both sweet and savory offerings –jelly donuts, sourdough sweet rolls and honey butter-fried chicken sandwich rolls.

The bakery product manufacturers are also contributing to this trend with the launch of new product ranges In April 2020 O’Hehirs Bakery in Letterkenny announced the launch of its new sourdough range under the brand name of OH! THE SOURDOUGH.

In 2017, Puratos launched three new sourdough flavors at their expanded facility in Pennsauken. The three flavors were Sapore Adelia, Sapore Oracoloand and Softgrain Amber Grain Organic. Sapore Adelia is living wheat sourdough and Sapore Oracoloandn is a living rye sourdough. While Softgrain Amber Grain Organic is a combination of grains and seeds, soaked and cooked in sourdough.

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