Goat Cheese Market

Goat Cheese Market

Global Industry Analysis (2018 - 2021) - Growth Trends and Market Forecast (2022 - 2026)

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High on Nutrition and Low on Fat Makes Global Goat Cheese Market Loved Amongst Health-conscious Consumers

Goat milk and its products such as cheese have gained attention from a large chunk of consumers as it is a rich source of protein, calcium, fats, vitamins, and iron. The demand for goat cheese, a popular dairy product, has become an indispensable part of various cuisines as it has high nutritional value and is known to be low in fat and cholesterol. As compared to bovine, goat cheese contains double the amount of medium-chain fatty acids, which are easier to digest. This makes goat cheese suitable for lactose-intolerant population. The global goat cheese market is also enjoying its status as an artisanal cheese variety, which is expected to boost sales in niche markets. Popularly known as chèvre in French, goat cheese has become an important part of the inventory at speciality deli stores.

Fairfield Market Research indicates that local restaurants will fuel the demand for this cheese in the coming years as menus see careful curation of ingredients to offer healthier choices to end consumers. Goat cheese manufacturers are reimagining their production to keep up with the demand and to experiment with changing ideas of diets, palates, and consumer behaviour. For instance, Saputo Inc., has created a wide portfolio of goat cheese especially designed for restaurants that include goat milk feta cheese, goat cheeses logs, frozen goat cheese, goat cheese crumbles etc.

Fresh Cheese Segment Emerges on Top Giving Homegrown, Local Vendors a Solid Chance

The global goat cheese market is segment is based on product type, end use, sales channel, and region. By product type, the market is segmented into soft cheese, firm cheese, aged cheese, and ripened cheese. Fairfield Market Research predicts that soft cheese is expected to register a high CAGR during the forecast period as it is aged less than 60 days and has a creamy texture and mild flavour. The market for soft cheese is also be hinged on its relatively higher freshness as it is procured from local manufacturers. Local sourcing has made the product easily available while also giving small, homegrown businesses a chance to flourish.

By end users the market is segmented into household, food service, and food manufacturer. Analysts anticipate that the foodservice segment is estimated to hold a sizeable chunk of the global goat cheese market by the end of 2021. Increased consumption of cheese-based products coupled with the focus of goat cheese manufacturers to offer a broad palate product portfolio to restaurants is expected to support the segment growth. The global goat cheese market uses sales channels such as business-to-business and business-to-consumer segments. The business-to-consumer segment is further sub-segmented into supermarket, departmental stores, speciality outlet, and online.

Higher Appreciation for ‘Le Fromage de Chèvre’ Makes France a Clear Leader 

Lockdowns led to a low demand for cheese due to closure of cafes and restaurants. However, the sentiment remained buoyant in France and Switzerland as cheese is a part of staple diets. This led to higher at-home consumption. France continues to be a connoisseur and a significant producer of le fromage de chèvre, as the country formally calls it, by setting precedents for others to follow. Analysts indicate that the demand for goat cheese shot up by 6% in 2020 in France.

The country manages third-largest goat herd in Europe and exports nearly more than 25% of goat cheese produced to Northern Europe and America. The European market values handmade and handcrafted local and fresh cheese products, which has become its distinct industry drawing in tourists and locals alike.

Market in developing nations of Asia Pacific is at niche stage. To cater to the growing demand governments of various countries have announced lots of favourable measures for the farmers. For instance, the Government of India offers subsidy up to 25%-35% of the total cost of the purchase of goats. This step was taken to develop the goat farm industry. These factors are expected to uptake the goat cheese market over the forecast period.

Global Goat Cheese Market: Competitive Landscape

The research report on the global goat cheese market studies key players such as Saputo Inc, Carmelis Goat Cheese, Laura Chenel Chèvre, Avalanche Cheese Company, DeJong Cheese Company, Hillsborough Cheese Company, Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Co, Hudson Valley Creamery, LLC, SAVENCIA SA, and Delamere Dairy.

The various manufacturer is now shaping their product portfolio offering new product range. For instance, in 2021, Laura Chenel Chèvre launched of a new line of 113 grams of goat cheese logs. The product was launched under eight new flavours including herbal, sweet, savoury, and fruity. This product is specially designed for at-home cooking and millennials seeking to consume novel and versatile products.

In Feb 2021, Saputo Inc launched New Montchevre® Jalapeño Honey Goat Cheese. The product was launched especially for retail consumers who seek to consume fresh and creamy cheese.

Please Note: The above mentioned segmentation/companies/countries are likely to differ in the actual report as they are based on preliminary research.

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