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Desirable Health Benefits to Sustain Growing Popularity of Paleo Foods

Fondly known as the caveman diet, or simply the human diet, paleo has been luring the health-conscious community to go back to the basics. The natural and organic movement is expected to remain one of the predominant factors fostering a growing shift towards dietary trends like paleo food. An increasing demand for quantified nutrition profiles of food ingredients will further boost demand. With the growing tendency to consume with an intent, and a measurable population worldwide striving for a reliable dietary practice for weight loss, the global paleo food market is projected to thrive at a healthy rate over the period of forecast. Paleo foods are enriched with essential minerals, and vitamins, and make sure that the body receives only the adequate amount of omega fatty acids. They promote improved glucose tolerance, regulated insulin secretion, and enhanced insulin sensitivity. Besides, paleo foods possess an excellent capability to aid in combating irritable bowel syndrome. An increasing awareness about the wealth of benefits of embracing the paleo diet accounts for an upsurge in sales of paleo foods worldwide. The market has been gaining notably amid the global COVID-19 pandemic as consumers realise the critical need for healthy, and natural diet.

A Sizeable North American Population Says Yes to Paleo

With an expanding health-conscious consumer population, the market for health food is proliferating at an exponential pace. The fact that both the consumer, and the food industry continue to evolve also highlights the newly emerging trend waves in the world of food, some of which are just the buzzwords living a short life while some prevail longer to capture all new markets. The latter tend to witness a shift in response to the market attaining maturity every time. Paleo food has been one popular, lasting, and interesting trend worldwide that has been garnering attention of a sizeable number of end consumers roughly since a decade now. It thereby has been unlocking several growth opportunities for brands in health food sector, as well as retailers. In 2013, paleo was the most googled food term. In 2018, there were roughly 3 million followers of the paleo diet in the US alone. The numbers indicate that besides keto diet, paleo has managed to firm up as a definite trend within the health and wellness sector –securing a decently large consumer base so far.

While the statistics clearly point to the fact that North America, led by the US, is a key market for paleo food brands to expand, it is also receiving an impetus from the superfast growth of the organised retail sector, and exploding success of online grocery brands across the region. More recently, a proliferating trend of entomophagy has been creating a fertile ground for the paleo expansion in North America as a whopping one-third of the region’s population showcase their interest in insect consumption. While the trend has been a commonplace in countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, and the north-eastern parts of India, the newly added members to the league include Belgium, and the Netherlands. Similarly, the North American continent is also witnessing booming popularity of cricket-flavoured protein bars across supermarkets.

Cereals Continue to Lead their Way; Vegetables and Fruits Remain Most Popular Paleo Foods

Typically involving consumption of whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, roots, and lean meats, paleo food, or paleolithic diet necessarily refers to minimally, or completely unprocessed food. Vegetables and fruits are expected to remain highly sought-after among the paleo diet followers, which is attributable to the concept of regenerative agriculture remarkably spreading its roots worldwide. Among meat and fish snacks, cereals, fruit purees, fruit and nut mixes, fruit and nut bars, and dairy substitutes, sales were recorded to be the maximum within the cereals segment. High sales potential of cereals will most likely prevail throughout the forecast period as the rising consumer inclination towards high-protein high-fibre diet remains intact. While bread, and toast lovers have moved much beyond butter, and margarine, the market is loaded with a host of alternative spreads, most of which also fall in the health food category. A large number of supermarkets, and retail chains prefer to maintain dedicated shelves for diet-specific spreads. Several cafés, and restaurants are also showing greater inclination towards including keto-, and paleo-specific spreads in their menus.

Paleo – An Arguably Popular Trend?

The adoption of paleo diet will continue to face certain longstanding challenges over the foreseeable future. There have been arguments about how the exclusion of dairy from paleo diet may pose an adverse impact on bone health in long term as it might bring down the calcium levels drastically. Moreover, popular dietary trends like paleo, keto, F-factor, and whole30 have always been attracting much criticism due to an extreme level of restrictions. While a part of the health-conscious community is embracing a shift towards natural, whole foods riding the paleo trend, some experts, on the other side, are rather recommending only the necessary dietary supplements in addition to balanced diet. The latter are suggesting a shift to healthy dietary lifestyle that allows consumption of all types of foods in moderation – along with an adequate physical activity. This will remain a risk to the rapid expansion of paleo food market in the long run.

Paleo Food Market Continues to Witness Frequent New Launches in Popular Categories

The key companies competing in the global paleo food market have been maintaining a focus on extension of product portfolios. Product innovations will thus be the prime growth strategy set by most players in the market. With paleo diet carving its own niche inside retail health food stores, the introduction of exotic flavours in the bestselling consumer segments will continue to remain a prominent trend among paleo food market players. A leading supplier of F&B, and pharma ingredients based in the UK, Kanegrade Ltd. had launched a dried fruits and nut product line in the paleo segment back in 2013. The company is also a leading flavour manufacturer, and later came up with an innovative dried fruit-flavoured line of fruit juices to enhance its portfolio for the paleo food market. In May, 2021, Tailor Made Nutrition, a popular health food brand in the US, launched an innovative line of (grass-fed) beef protein powder products – Ultimate Paleo Protein, to stand out in a flooded whey protein supplements market on the basis of its striking taste, and dietarily sensitive nature.

Facility expansion is also expected to remain a preferred move among many. Emphasizing regional, and global reach, paleo brands are likely to invest more efforts in strengthening their distribution channels. Driven by surging popularity of paleo dietary trend, the market has been witnessing some impactful acquisitions on a macro-level over the recent past. GrubMarket Inc. announced the acquisition of Boston Organics LLC in April, 2020, whereas earlier in March, 2020, US Food Inc. acquired Smart Foodservice Stores LLC. Looking at the rate at which paleo is capturing space on retail shelves, manufacturers are expected to leverage this opportunity for deeper penetration in the paleo food market. Investments in organised retail sector are flourishing, which will be a continuing trend through the forecast period. Ecommerce penetration will also remain a priority for the key companies as online stores have been exhibiting robust performance in health food sales over the recent past. A large number of manufacturers, as well as retailers are applying for Paleo Certification (by The Paleo Foundation) to specifically operate in the paleo-compliant products segment.

Key Market Players in Global Paleo Food Landscape

Some of the major companies that have been profiled in the report include The Paleo Foods Co., Caveman Foods, Pacific Foods of Oregon, LLC, Black Bear GmbH, Epic Provisions LLC, Back Roads Food Company, Blue Mountain Organics Distribution LLC, Paleo Baking Company, Paleo Pure, Steve’s Paleo Goods, Paleoroo, Primal PACS, Native Forest, and LAVVA.

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  • Market Value at Regional and Country Level, 2022 - 2029
  • Market Dynamics and Economic Overview
  • Market Size in Value, Growth Rates, and Forecast Figures, 2022 - 2029
  • Competitive Intelligence with Financials, Key Developments, and Portfolio of Leading Companies 
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  • Value Chain and Five Force’s Analysis
  • Regional/Sub-region/Country Market Size and Trend Analysis
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